Saturday 140531



Reebok Nano’s 3  – Sylvia from Salt Lake Running Company will have a supply of men and women Nano’s for 40% at the Box today. 40% off makes them $72. She can take cash or check but will not have the ability to run cards this time around. 

Last day to register for the Grizzly Tracks 5k…. a family of 5 can register for ONLY $15. This gets everyone a t-shirt, race and entrance into the Dinosaur park!! Don’t regret it,  come September when you snoozed and you missed out a great deal. All proceeds go towards Health and Education for a title one school in downtown Ogden.

Regionals are going on strong. Thanks to all of you from LCF who are down there volunteering. You guys are awesome!!! Regionals continue today from 9-5 and tomorrow from 9-5. If you can’t make it down to the South Towne Expo Center you can tune in for the live feed at

Schedule for Saturday:

6a – WOD

6a – Olympic Lifting

7a – WOD

8a – Yoga

9a – WOD

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