Saturday 140208

“You never feel like you’re different ’cause you’re older. Everybody is very, very encouraging. They treat you like one of the regulars—not like you’re the old person.”
—Rosemary Matossian, 69-year-old CrossFit athlete

Troy’s 365 Day Clean Eating Challenge – This will be the first  monthly group meeting for everyone who has committed to the 365 day “Troy’s Challenge”. Meeting will start at 5:55am. Bring  your log books, ideas, suggestions, complaints, concerns, money if you have penalties, etc.  If you did not sign up, it is not too late to join.  We would love to have you join our group, show up to the meeting and get started! 

New Year, New You Challenge Peeps – you are all welcome to attend the meeting at 5:55a, since you are nearing the end of your challenge you can jump in and finish out the year!

Progenex is in stock, if you need a bag let Grizz know!

Free Saturday – What does this mean? We offer a free Saturday class or two…. to give people an opportunity to try out CrossFit and see if it works for them without committing to a month.  Saturday is not a free day every Saturday of the year :-). If scheduling is an issue, we offer a punch pass which can be purchased and used for Saturday classes. To get the most out of CrossFit and to see the health benefits, you need to attend a CrossFit class a minimum of 3 times per week. 

6a – Olympic Lifting

6a – WOD

6a – Clean Eating Group Meeting

7a – WOD

8a – YOGA

9a – WOD

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