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Letrono CrossFit  Spartan Team has been created, below is a link to save 59% until 5 January. Its $65.00 + 15.00 for insurance.. Huge savings!! Once signed up join the LCF Team. Its a lot of fun & something to keep training for after the CF Open 2014 , Regionals and then  28 June Spartan BEAST baby. We usually get rooms in Park City for the weekend run the race, relax by the pool-jacuzzi & paleo spirit water helps & tell tall tails of how BadAss we are on each obstacle…

New Year…New You
6 week Body Transformation Challenge 
Buy In: $30 
Challenge Duration is 6 weeks

Times for measurements and photos for the six week challenge will take place tomorrow morning between 0700-0915. Athletes need to have their 30$ entry fee as well or we can charge their account. Measurements and photos will only take a few min so please make the time to come in. If for some reason you can not make it in tomorrow morning you will need to make arrangements with either Mike, Coov, or Bethany . The challenge starts Monday January 13th. Looking for a challenge that will keep you going longer than 6, 8, 12 weeks? If so, we have a year long challenge that some of us will be participating in. Look at  Troy’s Year Long Nutrition Challenge posted below. If you are on the fence, come to the meeting on Tuesday following the competition to hear all of the details and then decide:

“Troy’s Year Long Nutrition Challenge” 1 year CLEAN EATING. 
Follow the Clean Eating format
No buy in
$1200 buy out.  If you quit, it will be expensive.
Cash Penalty for violations of the rules.  ** All money collected at the end of the year will go to charity.
Monthly meeting 
Monthly challenge
1 “Treat day” per week
If you want in on this challenge, email with your intent to participate. We will then add you to the email distribution list to send out all of the concrete details. 

  Saturday Schedule:  

6a – WOD
6a – Oly Lifting
7a – WOD
8a – Yoga
9a – WOD

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