Saturday 131005

CrossFit the Club is hosting a benefit WOD today for Joni (pictured above) at 3p. Joni is the WOD LOVE Clothing manager and is a CrossFitter at the Club in Ogden. If anyone is interested in donating they can find all of the info at You can donate and get a IMPOSSIBLE T-shirt to go with your donation. Read Joni’s story!  We will be doing the WOD in support of Joni today!

Saturday October 5th – Paleo Mom’s and Matt our Progenex Rep will be at the Box from 7a to 10a. Come say hello and see what they both have to offer. Bring your $$ you will for sure want to take home some Paleo Balls and a bag of Progenex!

Saturday WOD’s are a great day to bring your friends and family to introduce them to your addiction ” CrossFit” !

Saturday WOD Times:
6a- WOD & Olympic Lifting with Coach Heath
7a -WOD
8a –  Yoga
9a – WOD

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