Saturday 130921

Moral Support by teammates…

So Long, Farewell, See you on the back side, Until We Meet Again….Next month is going to be a very hard month when we send Coach  PVT Aleix Graham off to  the US Army Boot Camp. Aleix is and will always be a huge part of LCF. He has had a great impact on many of us and he will forever be in our hearts & WOD’s.  Aleix will do great things in the Military as he give it his all  to Duty Honor Country as he follows in the foot steps of his  Uncle Coach E. 

We will also be saying goodbye to our Box Mascot, “Brockolicious, Body by Letrono” and his beautiful wife Cari (pictured above filming). Brock and Cari are moving to Austin Texas for bigger and better! Brock, Cari and Presli you will be missed!

Mark your calendars for Friday October 11th! for a Farewell Throwdown ($5.00 minimum buy in RX & Scaled divisions) and  Pot Luck Farewell Party  for everyone to come say “So Long” to some amazing people. More details will follow. We are looking at giving all $$ raised at the Throwdown to Tasha and Mike S who are members of LCF and are fighting to keep their 1 year old adopted baby girl. See their story on Facebook at

Saturday WOD Times:
8a –  Yoga


Grizzly Tracks 5k race today at 9a starting at Dinosaur Park in Ogden! All for a good cause!


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  1. This is awesome. I had not seen the post and was excited when another member told me. I a sad that we will not be able to participate. We will be in California in court fighting. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support. We are soooo grateful.

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