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Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Strength: 

1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats +3 Jerks

AHAFA (as heavy as form allows)

Start around 60% and increase by 5-15 lbs each set.

B. WOD:  

Alternate with a partner. Partner 1 does the full 15-12-9, then partner 2. Partner 1 does 12-9-6, etc. Hint: a gentleman would let the lady go first. Partner 2 gets less rest.


Cal bike (women do 12-10-8)

Thruster 75/55  55/35  35/15


Cal bike (women do 9-7-5)


9-6-3 (women do 7-5-3)

Cal bike



C. Above and Beyond:

C alternate for 4 sets

C1 supine grip supine row, AMRAP @1111

(Use the adjustable pull up bar)

C2 single leg DL 8-10 each leg @2020

Use KBs

D rotate for 3-5 rounds

D1 top of ring hold max time for quality, minus 5 seconds. This is a ‘go by feel’. When you think your form would break down in 5 seconds is when you stop.

D2 couch stretch 1 minute each leg

D3 bottom of dip hold max time for quality, minus 5 seconds

D4 5 UB Turkish get up each arm, for quality then weight


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