Monday 170619


 Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s at LCF!! 

3rd Annual Pineview WOD/BBQ – We are planning for another epic event this year at Pineview with a Beach WOD, BBQ, Boats, Besties, and fun in the sun!! We are looking at Saturday August 12th!! Mark your calendars. There is a slight possibility that there will be a change in date from the 12th to the 5th, so put both dates on your calendar’s to be sure you can make it!

We are still looking for a 9a Playcare attendant for Friday’s at 9a starting the first week of July. Let Sara know if you are interested! 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

A. Strength:
Front Squat 5 x5 @ 90% of 5RM


1 Snatch
2 Overhead Squat
3 Cleans
4 Shoulder to Overhead
50 walking lunges, total

Advanced 185/135
RX 115/75

* Scale accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics, while applying intensity through rounds.   Ask your coach for help.


C: Alternate for 3 sets

C1: Single Arm Ring Row, Max Rep
C2: Romanian Deadlift 6-8 reps @2021

D: Alternate for 3 sets
D1: Single Leg Deadlift, with barbell, 10 reps per leg
D2: 3 point dumbbell row, 12-15 reps, does not need to be strict.

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