Monday 170605


Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

15 min to find:

1RM weighted pull up
1 set max rep strict pull up
1 set max rep kipping/butterfly pull up 

1RM Chin up, or sitting pull-up (use kids bar for height adjustment)
1 set max duration chin over bar hang, hands can face either way
1 set max dicentric pull-up, set ends when free fall occurs


B Athletes choose one that they didn’t do a month ago.
1 mile run (6-15 min)   OR
5 K row (20-25 min)     OR
5 mile bike (12-25 min)

* Scale accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics, while applying intensity through  A & B.   Ask your coach for help.



C: Alternate for 3 sets
C1: Front Rack Box Step Up, increase reps or weight from 3 weeks ago 

C2: Seated Single Arm Press with Rack Hold 6-8 reps per side 

D: Alternate for 3 sets
D1: Single Arm Ring Row x max rep 

D2: Bulgarian split squat, back rack, @30X1 

E: E2MOM for 4-6 sets
20 seconds of toes to bar
Playing with efficiency. Adjust technique and note how it feels. For example, maybe you can obtain more reps bending your legs, but it fatigues you quicker, while using straight legs is slower but fatigues you less.

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