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Another Epic Mountain Meltdown 2017


USAW Mike Carol 2 hour Snatch Clinic

“USAW” Olympic Lifting Clinic June 3rd 2017 0900-1100 $35.00 per Athlete
USAW Coach Mike Carrol will be putting on a “Snatch” Clinic. The first 30 athletes. Sign sheet will be on the community board.

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

4 x 4 Minute Amraps of:
A1: 50 Burpees, row for calories with remaining time.

Rest 4 Minutes
A2: Advance: 100 Lunges, Rx: 70 lunges, SC 50, row for calories with remaining time.
Rest 4 Minutes
A3: 50 Push press, row for calories with remaining time.. AL: 115/75 RL: 95/65   SC 75/45
Rest 4 Minutes
A4: 50 Wall balls: row for calories with remaining time. 20/14 14/10 10/8

Score: calories for each round, then total calories. Ie 36/32/27/41=136

* Scale weight/reps accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics through intensity.  Ask your coach for help.



Alternate, 3-4 sets each
B1) 3-point dumbbell row, 10-12 reps each arm
3-point means this is not a bent over row. One hand on a box or bench, both feet on the ground. May use a little rotational momentum, doesn’t have to be 100% strict for today.
B2) Single leg DL 6-8 reps each leg.
This is a true single leg DL, not a single leg biased DL. Use a barbell.
C) 15-30 seconds each. For QUALITY. 3-4 sets
1) Ring Support (top)
2) hand stand, nose to wall if possible
3) ring support (bottom)
4) head stand, off wall if possible. 
Top support: elbows locked, rings turned out to as close to 45 degrees as possible. Long, hollow torso. May keep toes of one or both feet on ground if needed to work better position.
Bottom support: below parallel, hands do not need to be turned out in bottom position. Straps should not be touching arms. This is an active position, not a passive stretch. May keep a foot or both on ground in order to meet movement and time requirements.
Head stand: Body should be angled, not straight up and down. This means arms are engaged to help support the body.

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