Monday 170102

Congratulations to our SCALED and RX Winners from the 3rd Annual New Years Eve Competition! Scaled winners are 1st place: Steve G and Allison I, 2nd place is Fisher and Amy M, 3rd place is TJ Rowden and Laura C. Winners of the RX division are; 1st place Scott T and Emily C, 2nd place is KJ M and Angi, 3rd place is Travis J and Kari C. 

The throw-down was a great success, out of 23 teams competing almost half of the participants were first timers to competition. For any of you who were on the fence and did not jump in, there will be a next time!!  The 2017 CF Open starts 23 February..

What are your ‘3’ 2017 Goals, and how are you going to aspire to achieve them?

2017 Nutrition Challenge Coming up…

“Why Resolute When You Can Macrolute?!” 2017 Letrono nutrition challenge is on deck.
Are you ready to dial in your macros? Are you ready to fuel your training to be ready for The Open??
Are you ready to feel and look incredible??? Are you ready to make up words, like, Macrolute?..
Join us for a Q&A information meeting on Thursday, January 5th @ 6:15 in the yoga room.
We will go over rules, regulations, dates and the Beyond Super Fun that will be had by all! Sign ups are on the community board, we’d love to know who’s interested and coming. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Front Squat- 5×5 @ 90% of your 5RM

AMRAP 25 Minutes:
15 Calories on Bike
12 GHD Sit Ups
6 Muscle Ups/ Progression

* Scale weight and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics through AMRAP.  Ask your coach for help.


ABOVE AND BEYOND, FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE WORK AND HAVE TIME…..( Cool down is a must. Accessory work is your option per athlete goals and time)
After completing above, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses.

Power Clean Singles @80% – Drop and Reset
5 Rounds
:60 on
4:00 off

4 Rounds:
15 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Squat Clean Thrustes 135/95lbs
3 Legless Rope Climbs
Rest 2:00

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