Monday 161114

 A Big Honorable Thank you to all who donated and completed on Veterans Day the 131 EOD Technicians “WOD”. For Marine SSGT David B. Lyons and the Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force who have made the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11. As a Veteran its heart warming to feel and see this community understand  the sacrifice of the past & present of  Americas finest.

More Parking Issues :-(  We were notified today that we CAN’T park in the dirt parking area to the North of the Storage Units. The landlord of the buildings to the South of us has indicated that he will start towing cars who are parked there. Parking for the early morning classes can park at the Pizza Factory, the afternoon classes  can utilize the far South East Corner of the Pizza Factory lot. We are saddened by the constant road blocks that the City and others keep throwing at us. Thanks for your understanding with this ongoing situation. 

Strength: Retest
Find 1 RM Back Squat – In 20-25 Minutes

For Time:
30 Handstand Push Ups/ Progression
15 Power Cleans 155/105lbs, 135/85, 105/65  80/45
20 Handstand Push Ups
10 Power Cleans
10 Handstand Push Ups
5 Power Cleans
*Scale weight and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics to beat or meet 15 minute cutoff.  Ask your coach for help.


ABOVE AND BEYOND, FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE WORK AND HAVE TIME…..( Cool down is a must. Accessory work is your option per athlete goals and time)
After completing above, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses.

Just Work
Assault Bike – 20/12 Calories x 8
Rest 3:00


Deadlift – 1×4 Heavier than Week 5
Controlled on the way down, take the hands off the bar, complete the next rep.
Try to go heavier than Week 1.

Gymnastics Accessory
Max reps in 1 minute of Glute Ham Raises with 25/15lbs plate hugged to chest

Strength Accessory
Max reps in 1 set of bodyweight OHS with full pause at the bottom and top

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