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Be sure to sign up for our WODPOCALYPSE Halloween party this Friday the 28th starting at 5:15pm. There will be a first, second and third place Costume WINNER!! Get your costume together and be a winner of some awesome prizes!! Pot Luck SOUP is on the menu, sign up to bring a soup and enjoy SALAD and Bread-Twists to go along with it. 


Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Back Squat – 5×5 @75% off of  your “NEW” max from 3 Oct.

WOD: “Pennies”

6 Squat Cleans 225/135, 205/123 185/113 165/103, 135/83 115/63 95/55
6 Muscle Ups/ Chest to bar/ Jumping pull-ups
Run 400m
6 Squat Cleans 225/135
6 Muscle Ups
Run 400m
6 Squat Cleans 225/135
6 Muscle Ups
Run 400m
6 Squat Cleans 225/135
6 Muscle Ups
Run 400m
*Scale weight and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics on 3.  Ask your coach for help.


Accessory Above and Beyond ( Cool down is a must. Accessory work is your option per athlete goals and time)
After completing pieces 1-3, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses

Strength: Strict Press 1×3 @ 75%, 4×3 @80%
Just work:
Ski 750m x 6
Rest 2:1
Bike 50-40-30-20-10 Calories
Rest 3:1 between efforts

After completing pieces 1-4.  Please choose ONE of the following:
5a. Gymnastics Accessory
EMOM 10 Minutes:
10 Unbroken Chest to Deck Push-ups with plate on low back. Choose weight based on being able to go fast and unbroken each round
5b. Strength Accessory
Back Rack Lunges
4×8 Steps per side
Heavier than Week 2

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