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Josh A

Josh A

Movement and Mobility Seminar.. April 23rd 10a-1200: 

23 April 2016 from 1000-1200 hr at Letrono CrossFit. Come learn how to improve your positioning in all movements and increase your mobility .
Taught by: Coach Taylar Ngo & Jason Prince from Structura
Free to LCF Athletes

Lurong Summertime Nutrition ChallengeWe have registered LCF as a participating affiliate for the upcoming Summer Challenge. You can register now with Lurong to get an early-bird discount, register prior to April 25th and save $15. More details will be coming but we wanted to give you all an opportunity to save some money with the early registration. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..

A. Strength.
1- Build up to today’s 1 RMm Snatch in 20 minutes. Start with an empty bar and work up from there
The last five minutes do 5 dropsets (Snatch balance) singles at 80% max from today

2- Back Squat-9-7-7-5 (15 Minutes to complete)

15 min AMRAP  or 3 Rounds of 
100 m KB Farmer Carry red/purple, green/blue, blue/yelllow value our the equivalent in dumbbells
10 KB Shoulder Press each arm
40 KB Step Ups 20 each leg 20/16, 16/12, 12/6”
35 Push Ups
*:30 rest in between rounds.

*Scale weight of movement as needed for progression on A-B.  Ask your coach for help.


Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level: Recover, hydrate 6-8 mins after above WOD, then:

C. See programming on white board.
Take 7 minutes to work a gymnastic weakness daily in the am or pm.


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