Monday 150928

T-Shirt Contest Winner is Travis J! He created the following designs which took 1st place in the 1st and 2nd category…… We will be getting the exact colors and t-shirt/hoodie brands out shortly for orders to be placed.



LCF Mini Games:
Week 1 MISSING Scores
– We need week 1 double-unders/single scores for…..Dan and Hunter S, Ramon B, Jaedyn T, Jenn H, Sheri P, Cassie A, Erika L, Sharla J, and Bailey C.
Week 2 scores due TODAY!
Week 3 is 400 meter row for time. Use the score sheets and then put them back in the green folder.
Leaderboard coming soon!!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..

WOD:  Will be on White Board 😉

*Scale weight and movements as needed in progression . Ask your coach for help.

Cool Down

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
5 Rounds of
9 Front Squat 135/95 115/73
8 Push Jerks  135/95 115/73
* Goal is to finish 9-8 “UB” each round
5 Minutes of Midline Core work- athletes choice
Hollow Rock- Planks- GHD- Ball toss




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