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Progenex Cocoon

Nighttime recovery is crucial for daytime performance and success. PROGENEX Cocoon combines just what your body needs for a deep, restorative and reparative sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and recovered. Ready to tackle stress, rise above the daily grind, and attack your most grueling workouts.

PROGENEX Cocoon is a special nighttime formula featuring micellar casein and Metamorphagen™. As a slow digesting protein, micellar casein stimulates protein synthesis through a sustained release of amino acids throughout the night, promoting muscle building while preventing muscle wasting. This slow, steady drip of amino acids is not only critical for protein synthesis, but is also crucial for immune system support.

WOD Hard. Sleep Well. Recover Strong.

PROGENEX Cocoon not only stimulates protein synthesis, it also contains the perfect amounts of Metamorphagen™—the powerful tryptophan peptide that reduces sleep interruptions while fostering deep, sound, restorative sleep so that you wake up feeling strong, rested, and fully recovered.
The precise amount of Metamorphagen™ is specially formulated to do all this without increasing drowsiness. Enabling you to maintain peak performance levels throughout the day before wrapping you in a warm cocoon of recovery come night.


The ingredients in PROGENEX Cocoon have been shown in studies to:

• Stimulate protein synthesis (Tipton, 2004)
• Increase lean muscle mass and strength (Demling, 2000), (Willoughby, 2007)
• Prevent muscle wasting (Boirie Y, 1997)
• Speed recovery (Cermak, 2012)
• Improve immunity (Gregory, 2008)
• Enhance satiety (Abou-Samra, 2011)
• Reduce blood pressure (Cadee, 2007)
• Improve Sleep (Hartman, 1982),
Boost Mood (Thomson, 1982), (Levitan, 2000)

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..

WOD: “Metcon”
42-30-18 reps for time of:
Wall-ball shots 20/14, 14/12, 12/10

Sumo deadlift high pulls 75/55, 55/35, 35/15
Box jumps 24/20, 20/16, 16/12
Push presses 75/55, 55/35, 35/15
Row (calories)

* Scale reps & weight as needed, ask your coach for help

Cool Down

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
8 EMOM x 2 Overhead Squat start @ 70% 1RM  add lbs 5-10 lbs each set as needed as long as you can keep mechanics
EMOM for 8 Minutes
Odd: 6 x Double KB Cleans Red/Grn Grn/Blu
Even: 30 second L-Sit hold

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