Monday 150413

Coach Taylar spotting Coach Scott on a 400# back squat (and a 25# PR). Strong work Scott!!!

Congrats to Tony and Taylor C (Coach Troy’s boys) who finished in the top 5 at Regional’s for gymnastics, they are now off to Nationals!!!

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility

Prepare for..

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
7 Dead-lifts  275/225, 225/175, 175/125
10 Burpee Pull-Ups
14 Single arm Kettle-bell Thrusters  (7 each arm) green/blue, blue/ yellow, yellow/orange
20 box jumps, 24/20, 20/16, 16/12

Cool Down

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
EMOM x 10
Odd: 3 Power Snatch at 135/95 

Even: 3 Muscle ups 

Cool down with a smooth 4-6 min row and your mobility area’s


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