Monday 141117

“Rest that is earned feels so much better than rest that is just lazy. ~Unknown

Happy Birthday this week to the following athletes: Tara H, Emily C and Coach Angi!

Thanksgiving – We will be holding a turkey burner WOD first thing in the earlier morning (time TBD) and then we are planning on a friendly competitive game of Football with West Haven CrossFit. Plan accordingly!

Burpee Challenge Day 40 “Getting spicy”

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

WOD-Monday Mini Mash
Start at 0:00
15-12-9 for time of:

Power Clean 155/103 135/93 115/73 95/63
C2Bar Pull ups  
40 Double Unders

Start at 13:00
6 Rounds of:
5 L-Sit Chin ups
10 KB Thrusters 24/16 16/12 12/8kg

Start at 28:00
11-7-5- of:
Deficit Deadlifts from a 12’box or 45lb bumper plate 155/103 135/95 115/83 95/63
Box Jumps 30/24 24/20 20/12 

Cool Down 

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:

Do mash @ 185/133 or 175/123lb’s on lifts 32/24kg KB
20 min watt bike then 10 min mobility 



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