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Help I have fallen and can’t get up…..I am being crushed by a 50 pounder

BOD POD – It has been confirmed that the BOD POD will be at our Box on Wednesday July 2nd. The Bod Pod is the most accurate way of measuring your body fat percentage, and is a better way of measuring progress than simply weighing yourself on the scale! The Body Fat Test reveals how much of you is lean body mass (muscle, organs, bones, etc) and how much is fat. The Resting Metabolic Rate Test tells you exactly how many calories your body is burning at rest. This helps you to know how many calories you need to take in on a daily basis to lose, maintain, or increase your weight depending on your goals.

Stay tuned for more details on how to reserve your time and how to pay. The BOD POD will make a return visit in 6 months so you can measure your progress. 

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for..

Strength: Back Squat  5-3-1-1-1-1-1  * Partner Up 2-3. Test for new PR 
5 reps @ 70% warm up

WOD: “12 Min EMON”
Odd: 3x Hang Power Snatch’s + 3x OHS
Even: 5x K2Elbow – T2Bar = 1rep
L-1 #95/65
L-2 #85/55
L-3 #75/45 KB K2Elbow- T2Bar = 1rep

**Team Cool down Coaches choice, Static or PNF Stretching 5-10mim

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do  Strength  and WOD increase hang snatch with mechanics  then:

Rest recover 7 min then:

Work up to a heavy set of snatch grip deadlift + high hang snatch in 15 minutes
6 Rounds of:
:30 sec burpees
:30 sec rest
:45 sec sled push
:15 sec rest
:30 sec hspu
:30 sec rest
:45 sec deadlifts
:15 sec rest 

 Row for 4 minutes at 65-75% – 7 Minutes of Mobility

DE: Wide Grip Bench Press 9 x 3 @ 75% 1RM on :45s

5 Rounds of:
10 – Hand Release Push Ups
20 – Wall Balls

SKILLS & DRILLS: Perform 20-45min of skill/drills prior to Endurance WOD
Swim Skills & Drills
Bike Skills & Drills
Run Skills & Drills
Row Skills & Drills

3-5 hours later or before

Run (Mon): Repeat 800m, recover 3:1 until form/pace deteriorates


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