Monday 140217

Presidents day 1

“Get outdoors, play with your fitness.”  —Mikko Salo, 2009 CrossFit Games champion 

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

10min EMOM
1x Squat Clean 125/ 83 115/73 95/63 75/53
1x Power Snatch

Every min on the min complete one squat clean then one power snatch rest remainder of minute

WOD :  ” TCR”
Teams of 2
P-1 Cal row for 2 min
P-2 Thrusters 95/63 75/53 45/33
Then partners switch, then
P-1 Cal row for 2min
P-2 Power Snatch
Then partners switch, then
P-1 Cal row for 2min
P-2 Squat clean
Then partners switch.

Score is the teams Calorie rowed , and Reps
*** Every 2min for 12min the coach will tell the athletes to switch. Time does not stop athletes must transition between rowing and lifting AFAP. Athletes can not start the barbell movements until their partner on the rower starts rowing.

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do  Strength-Skill  Increase by 5-or010lbs ea Min until failed lift, then back down to last good lift wght & finish: and WOD 115/73
* Stack prep 2.5-5-10-15-lb weights

Rest recover 8min then:
3 Rds of:

3 Dead Lifts 315/203 or @75% 1RM
6 Deficit ’8/4′ HSPU
1 minute of “UB” Double Unders fail minute ends..
Rest 60 seconds
Rest 2 minutes
3 Rds of:
3 OHS  @75% 1RM
6 Muscle Ups
1 minute Row sprint 300m  or more
Rest 60 seconds

Watt Bike or Row for 8-12 minutes at 65-75% 

CF Endurance:
Run  6x400m rest 1:1

5,3,2  Sumo Deadlift @85-95% 1 RM


3Rds of:
50 KB Swings 32/24 24/16kg
250M Sprint row
Rest 1 min then repeat

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