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By Lisbeth Darsh

10. “I don’t know what the workouts are.”

Yeah, that’s the point. Nobody does until they’re announced.

9. “I’m not good enough.”

Enough, Froning. We go through this every year.

8. “My goals don’t match the Open.”

Getting fit isn’t your goal?

7. “I don’t have $20.”

Sure. Let me hold your latte while you text on your iPhone about your lunch date.

6. “I’m too busy.”

Understandable. You need to save all your time for watching that Sons of Anarchy marathon. Priorities.

5. “I’m scared.”

We all are. There’s a support group for fear. We meet at the box … and do the Open workouts.

4. “Everyone who does the Open dies.”

Um, not true.

3. “My cat is lonely.”


2. “I’m not competitive.”

Tell me again why you joined a fitness program with timed workouts and Leaderboards?

1. “I like to work out naked.”

Video the workouts. We’ll review them. Carefully. Trust me on this one.


New Year New You Weekly Supplemental is:
100 Push Ups
200 Sit Ups
300 Air Squats
As a heads up: “Rx” is doing these in order. If you break it up, that is scaling. 


Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength- Skill
5×3 Front Squat Find todays 3 RM  ( Teams of 2-3 (15-min )
5×3  L- Sit Pullup Strict
Rest 1:00min at least between sets

Complete the following for time of:  
Run 400m
5 Power Clean L-R Step Lunge = 1rep  115/73 95/63 75/55
18 Pullups 
Run 800m
5 Power Cleans L-R Step Lunge
18 Pullups
Run 400m
5 Power Cleans L-R Step Lunge
18 Pullups 

*Team cool down:  5-7 min

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do Strength and WOD @ 135/83

Rest recover 8min then: *
3 Rds of:
3 Snatch @85% 1RM
10 Deficit ‘8/4’ HSPU
1 minute of “UB” Double Unders fail minute ends..
Rest 60 seconds
Rest 2 minutes
3 Rds of:
3 Snatch @85% 1RM
10 Muscle Ups
1 minute Row sprint 300m  or more
Rest 60 seconds

Watt Bike or Row for 8-12 minutes at 65-75% 

CF Endurance:
Bike- 4x2000m rest 2:1

5,3,2  Front Squat @85-95% 1 RM


12 min AMRAP
5 Dead lifts increase by 20 lb ea Rd. Start at 70% 1RM
10 T2Bar


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