Monday 131007

Alex V

Alex V

 Paleo Balls and Progenex – I am going to place another order for Progenex, if you are in need please let us  know so we can add it to this next order. Matt from Progenex spent a lot of time on Saturday explaining the benefits of their products. If you were not able to attend and are interested, let us know! We are also figuring out a way to order  Paleo Balls and Granonla monthly from  Jamie &  McKenzie the Paleo Mom’s, more to come.

LCF Friday Night Throwdown/Farewell to Coach Aleix and the Burningham’s – Throwdown WOD will start at 6p 11 Oct, there is a sign up sheet with divisions, Elite- Pro-+ -Pro-  Novice, along with the description of the WOD. Come ready to have a good time & Throwdown with a minimum $5 donation, more is welcome and appreciated. All entry fees-donations will go to one of our own, Mike and Tasha Sannar. Mike and Tasha are fighting to keep their 1 year old adopted little girl,  Lucy.  Help Mike and Tasha with there incurred expenses  as they fight this battle for family! Fight For Lucy at
BBQ will be held right after the Throwdown, Delicious BBQ meat will be provided & prepared by Chef Eric Edwards, so bring a dish to share!


Prepare for…

3 x 5 Back Squat (5# (2.5-5lb on ea side) Heavier than the last time you did this, reset if fail.)

3 x 5 Strict Press (5# (2.5 on ea side) Heavier than the last time you did this. reset if fail)
1×600 m AFAP *  

11 Min AMRAP
5 OHS  #115/73
20 Pushups on BB
80 Double Unders

Cashout: 3 min Deadbug * As a class select a leader to count-Goal is 3min if a athletes fails, stop clock pick back up until 3min is completed
Team cool down, light row 1k, bike, run, PNF or static stretch 5-7 min


CF Endurance:
Run 2x1600M Rest 2 min between. Keep times w/ in 6secs

WOD: BB Complex 6×3 perform 3 reps of ea before moving to next
Dead Lift  135/93 * Scale as needed for mechanics

Clean Pull
Close Grip Snatch
Back Squat
Good Mornings Row

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