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Wesley- Ryan

Wesley- Ryan

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
 – George Eliot

Saturday October 5th –7-10am  Paleo Mom’s will be on site with their yummy Balls and Granola.  Matt from Progenex will also be on site to talk about Progenex products and give samples! I had the pleasure of meeting Paleo Mom’s at Operation IronWoRX and their Balls were to die for. Check them out on Facebook! 

Prepare for…

3×5 Back Squat @ 55,60,65% of 1RM-*2.5-5lb heavier than you did  last time.
3×5 Strict Press @ 65% of last weeks 1RM
3×200 m AFAP 30 sec rest between 

WOD: “Sloan”
Complete 5 Rounds in 6mins  *30 GHD situp penalty for incomplete rounds
5 Power Clean BW/ .75%BW
5 Bench Press BW/ .75%BW         *6 Min time Cap-

Team cool down, light row, bike, run, PNF or static stretch 5-7 min

CF Endurance:
Row 6x500m rest 1min ea set 

Complex 4×6 perform 6 reps of ea before moving to next
Dead Lift  115/83 * Scale as needed for mechanics
Clean Pull
Close Grip Snatch
Back Squat
Good Mornings
Rest 2min between ea set

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