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squat cycle

Julianna Broadbent took 5th place in the Central East Regionals 2013. The picture above shows Julianna on the left after two weeks of doing CrossFit weighing 130#. After 4 years of CrossFit on the right she weighs 155#. 

Squat Cycle – We are starting our 6 week SQUAT Strength cycle today and for those of you worried about gaining weight, take a look at the photo above and recognize that Julianna gained 25lbs of muscle! Go heavy and keep track of your weights so you can increase each week! All Squats will be based off of percentages of your one rep max that you will establish today. Keep this number so you know where to start each time. If you PR during the squat cycle, you will STILL USE YOUR 1 REP MAX NUMBER YOU FIND TODAY, not the new one. 

During the next 6 weeks we are looking for all of you to see great improvements on strength and conditioning. During the next 6 weeks you will notice most of the warm-ups and WOD’s are short and fast! The WOD’s emphasize short, quick, HIGH INTENSITY metabolic conditioning. These are meant to be HARD and FAST, go unbroken and don’t leave anything in the tank. Most importantly have FUN and enjoy your journey. You will also see some days a “CASH OUT”. Be sure to do the cash out. If you are short on time, come early and do the cash out before the WOD. 

USAW Olympic Meet at WCF- August 17th .  Registration will be available online at this link at  The Utah Open (Weightlifting)  There is also a flier on the whiteboard. You don’t have to be a USAW member to compete. If you have any questions talk to Coach Scott or Coach Andi on Tuesday or Thursday. 

Prepare for…

In 8 sets or 20 mins Establish a 1 RM Back Squat 

WOD “King”


10 KB Stepups (5 ea leg, 2 KB one in each hand in any position) Green/Blue 24/20

5 Handstand Pushups

Team cool down, light row, bike, run. PNF or Static stretch 5-7min


CF Endurance:

Front squat 5 x 2 heavy

Front squat x 8 155/93
Row 250m
Rest 1 min repeat

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