Friday 170512


No 9a Sunday WOD in celebration of Mother’s Day!! 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

WOD:  “Grunt Work”
30 Min AMRAP of:

25 m (length of rig) standing arm over arm sled pull. NO legs. 225/160 on turf 135/100 on rubber, 185/115 on turf 100/70 on rubber,125/85 on turf 85/50 on rubber
200 m suitcase carry each hand ( right hand out 100 m, left hand back 100 m) KB Red/ Grn Grn/Pur Pur/Blu Blu/Org
15 Wall balls 25/18 20/14 10/8 

* Scale weight and movements accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics through strong man events.  Ask your coach for help.



B  Accessory: 3 sets through, rest 1-2 min between

B1 Front Rack Walking Lunge, 20 reps

B2 Push Jerk 8-10 reps. The focus here is crisp, clean barbell cycling. Not strength.

B3 Strict Toe to Bar. If not possible or can’t do more than 3-4 reps, do negatives instead. Get your feet to the bar, slowly lower for 5 seconds for 3-5 reps.

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