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Bonnie and Bryant

Bonnie and Bryant

You have until Monday to complete your best  Snatch, Clean and Jerk and the 15 Minute AMRAP.
To register  yourself &  $10.00 at
Do it for fun & test where you are at with your lifts..

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Back Squat – 3×3 @92.5%

For Time: 21-15-9
Deadlift 245/165, 225/145 205/135, 155/95
Bar Facing Burpees
Toes to Bar/Progression
*Scale weight and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics.  Ask your coach for help.


ABOVE AND BEYOND, FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE WORK AND HAVE TIME…( Cool down is a must. Accessory work is your option per athlete goals and time)
After completing above, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses.

Before the Row complete a 5:00 Jog, gradually upping the pace until the finish. Let heart rate come all the way back down before starting the Row
Row 35 Minutes for Distance
Must keep heart rate BPM below 180 minus your age It will feel easy physically, but stay out of your head whether it tells you that you need to speed up or give up. The majority of CrossFitters lack development of the oxidative energy pathway and need to spend ALLOT of time in it to fix that. Trust the process.

Gymnastics Accessory
Slow, no bounce pistols
4 Rounds:
12 Left Leg
12 Right Leg
Rest 2 Minutes

Strength Accessory
Back Rack Walking Lunges:
4×8 Steps Per Side
Heavier than week 3

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