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2016 0900 Murp Crew

2016 0900 Murp Crew

 “When doing PT in the Army, there’s a shared sacrifice and basic connection you make with your fellow warriors. You’re pushing each other to get better. Personally, I’ve found similar bonding with folks in my CrossFit box and we all come from different walks of life.”—Under Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy

Saturday Schedule:
6a Oly Lifting
7a WOD 
8a – TRAIL RUN meet at Fernwood Parking Lot (up by the Castle house, East of Hwy 89 in Layton).
9a WOD


Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..

           Level III                                 Level II          Level I
10 Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105     105/75          75/55
20-Yard Shuttle Sprint
8 Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105.     105/75           75/55
40-Yard Shuttle Sprint
6 Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105      105/75           75/55
60-Yard Shuttle Sprint
4 Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105      105/75           75/55
80-Yard Shuttle Sprint
2 Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105     105/75            75/55
100-Yard Shuttle Sprint

6 Minute time cap, Every uncompleted REP of power cleans counts as a 1-second penalty and every 10-yard segment of the shuttle sprints that is not completed within the time cap counts as a 5-second penalty.

*Scale Level/weight of movement as needed for smooth mechanical progression.  Ask your coach for help.


Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level: Recover, hydrate 6-8 mins after above WOD, then see additional programming on white board.

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