Friday 150327

Celebration BBQ and last CF Open WOD to start at 5p!! Bring a side dish or dessert to share! Come cheer on those finishing out the Open season with Thrusters!!! The winner of the challenge will also be announced!!

NO 4:15p WOD today, come at 5pm today and enjoy some BBQ prepared by our very good friend “Boston” Eric. 

Nicole Carroll’s 15.5 Tips: Workout 15.5 is all about engine, stamina and, ultimately, mental toughness! Smarter is to be patient into the catch and then drive hard through the heels and legs at the beginning of your stroke.

Use a slightly higher damper setting (drag). This gives you more calorie credit for each stroke. It would be worth playing with the damper ahead of time. Find which drag factor, at what intensity, works best for you. Find a pace—or one will likely find you—that is efficient and sustainable. You do not want to be completely wrecked for what comes next: thrusters.

For the thrusters, we get to use the exact same muscle groups! But with the added pleasure of the overhead push. My hunch is you’re really not going to want to pick up the bar right away. But you must.

Here is where the mental toughness is required.

Often we’ve got more in the tank than we think and if we just get started, we can surprise ourselves with a decent set as we settle in.

The bottom line of this one is pushing through even when your lungs and legs are screaming. Remember to find places to breathe—the return on the row, top of the thruster and any transitions or rest.

These are two very similar movements. They pay dividends for those who do them right and punish those who violate their core-to-extremity-movement patterns.

This workout is a perfect end to this year’s Open season. It is an opportunity for everyone to have a strong finish. Leave it all on the table. Walk away knowing you gave it all you had to give.

Good luck!

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)
Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.

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