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Nicole Carroll’s 15.3 Tips

This one starts with muscle-ups—7 of them.

For some this will be the sticking point of the workout and the fork in the road for their Open competition.

If you absolutely know you don’t have a muscle-up, the Scaled division is for you. You’ll be more motivated than ever to get one now and you’ve got a year to work on it.

If you’re close or struggle with them but have the pull-up and ring dip capacity, give it a shot. A lot of separation will occur here on the Leaderboard. It is worth taking the 14 minutes to work like hell and see what you can do.

If you’re new to doing muscle-ups in workouts, the best tip I can give you is do not go to failure on these. Stop short of that, shake it out, and then get back on the rings. Work singles, if you have to.

For others, the muscle-ups might be the easiest part of this workout. It only takes 7 of them to buy you large sets of wall-ball shots and double-unders. And these two movements back-to-back simply equal metabolic pain.

Unfortunately, the only strategy for this is: Just keep moving. Minimize rest and transition time. Pick up the ball, the jump rope or get on the rings a little sooner than feels comfortable. Not at a frantic pace. Just steady. But you will be gassed no matter what. This is that classic CrossFit workout discomfort where all there is to do is gut it out.

Finally, no matter where you get to on this workout, stay composed. Take care not to let your mind race and panic when your heart rate gets high. And no freaking out over failed reps! Take deep breaths, keep the wheels on the bus and dial back into the technique of the movements to help you through.

These videos can help with that!

You’re so ready for this! Good luck!


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