Friday 140221

In CrossFit, you will never get to a place where you can say, “hey, that was fun, but I have mastered it. There is nothing more for me to learn, to get better at.” You may, maybe due to age, reach a place where you can’t add more weight on the bar, can’t go faster. But can you do it better, smoother, more graceful, more efficiently? Absolutely. Can you become more accurate, more flexible, more coordinated? Yes. Can you become more in control of your breath, more disciplined in your rest, more adept at beating back the demons that say you can’t? Definitely.

And those things, those abilities, have no end. Keep training!!

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength: 5 x 3 Dead Lift * Find today’s 3 rep Heaviest

WOD : CF Open 11.2
15min AMRAP
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
9 Deadlifts  155/100  55+ Masters 145/90
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps 24/20   55+ Masters 20″

*Team Cool Coaches Choice 5-7min

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do  Strength  and WOD

Rest recover 8min then:

3 Rds of:
3 Thrusters 155/103 or @75% 1RM
6 TGU 24/16 16/12kg
1 minute of “UB” Double Unders fail minute ends..
Rest 60 seconds

Rest 2 minutes
3 Rds of:
3 Snatch Balance @75% 1RM
15 GHD Situps
1 minute Sled drag @150 3  or more up and down green
Rest 60 seconds

Watt Bike or Row for 8-12 minutes at 65-75% 


CF Endurance:
Do something you Enjoy..


Run 6x400m 1:1 


5, 3, 2 Clean and Jerk @ 80-90% 1RM


3 Rds of:
8x Power Cleans 135/93
Heavy sled push  

Rest 1 Minute repeat

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