Friday 131227


Olympian James Parker

Olympian James Parker

 “Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it.”– Ted Williams

The NYE-2014 THROWDOWN WODS are posted on the white board get your team & signed up $20.00 a team.
2 Trophies will be awarded for Bragging rights along with picture in our Trophy case (Trophy & picture will stay at LCF for all to adore). Prize $ will be awarded to winning Teams of RX & Novice!!
Everyone can compete in this event so “Prepare For Glory” and get signed up with your Team Athletes & Team Name

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Snatch Balance 5×1 
10 Min Progression.Focus on mechanics & fighting for good position VS weight this go around. 
*Can only increase weight if Snatch Balance was good and solid..



WOD ” 3 Amigos”
For time:
50 OHS #115/63 95/55 75/45
At the top of every minute do 3 Burpees over the bar. Burpees can be low; do not have to reach full hip extension.
50 Pushups on Dumbbells, chest touches ground * Scale as needed.
At the top of every minute do 5 Sit Ups
50 KBS 32/24 24/16 16/12Kg
At the top of every minute do 5 ATG squats

Team cool down: Mobility, Yoga , Row Coaches choice

CF Endurance:
Tabata Run-Row or Ride
5min Rest
Ladder Run 5-10-15 yards

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