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New Years Eve Comp 2012

New Years Eve Comp 2012

NYE Throwdown – Everyone will be able to participate in the New Years Eve Throwdown. The WOD’s will be posted soon but don’t wait to see them to make your decision or to find a partner. It will be challenging but with the scaled options, everyone will be able to participate. We are not competing to be the Fittest on Earth, we are competing to have FUN and to ring in the NEW YEAR! There is a sign up sheet, if you don’t have a partner and would like one, list your name under your gender and we will help find everyone a teammate who wants to participate. Any questions, post to comments.

Holiday Schedule:
Tuesday 24 – Morning classes only at  7a and 9a
Wednesday 25 – NO CLASSES… Merry Christmas
Thursday 26 – 7a and 9a and 5p and 6p (no oly lifting or yoga)
Friday 27- Regular schedule
Saturday 28 Regular schedule

Monday 30 – Regular Schedule
Tuesday 31 – Throwdown 9-12… Find your partner and GET SIGNED UP!
Wednesday 1 – NO CLASSES…… Happy New Year
Thursday – Regular schedule

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength: 20 EMON with a partner. Every 2 min complete the following (alternating minutes with partner).
10 sets each of:.
1 Cluster + 2 STO + 4 Front Rack Walking lunge steps @ 80% 1RM os STO (Anyway “Shoulder To Overhead”)


WOD “Jingle Jangle″ 
4 Rounds of: With 11 min to complete
7 Push Press #115/75 95/63 75/55
8 Back Rack Barbell Step Up (4 each leg) 20” Rx for everyone * Scale weight & box accordingly
9 Back Squats
*Athletes should not have to let go of barbell. This should be very smooth n fast. All should be able to complete before cut off

Cash Out:  12 days of Christmas *(This is not for time but for quality & fun, athletes share BB equipment ect)

10 Wall Ball Shots  20/14
90 Double Unders
8 Dead Lifts BW
7 Back Squat BW
6 Burpees
5 STO ¾ BW
4 Box Jumps 30/24

Team cool down: Mobility, Yoga , Row Coaches choice

CF Endurance:
Family Day

Keep it fun
Take them some where Trampoline park, ice rink, or if you can make it to the mountains for sledding.

When you go home make some hot chocolate take it easy get in a plank until it is cool enough to drink.

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