Thursday 141002


Yoga tonight at 7p!   Use Yoga as an active recovery day! “Yoga and CrossFit have different mental requirements. Possibly due to their varying demands, this coupling creates a more balanced athlete. CrossFitting yogis are able to be competitive yet peaceful, aggressive yet calm, and mindful not only of the strength of their technique, but also the balance and movements of their body.” ~SweatRX Magazine

AMIT Patellar Tendinopathy Study – IF you have been diagnosed with patellar tendinitis, patellar tendinopathy or jumpers knee by a physician, are 15-35 years of age and have not been treated, you qualify to participate in a research project held at Buhler Athletic Injuries and Human Performance Clinic. This study has been approved and is overseen by the University of Michigan. Qualified participants will be paid $50 for their time!! Call 801-544-2355 to ask if you can participate. Study is due to start in mid October. Any questions, call the number above or talk to Dr. James Parker at the gym. 

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility

Prepare for…

WOD – “Tabata”

Jump Rope 
No rest in between
MWOD: Partner Smash
*Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level

Do WOD Active Recovery Day. Do YOGA,  do the MWOD,  or make up a WOD you missed earlier this week.

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