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Letrono CrossFit Boot Camp  STARTING JUNE 2, 2014

Jump….Climb….Crawl….Laugh…Swing…Row into Shape

Physical, Mental, & Nutritional Training for a healthier, happier you


Letrono CrossFit Boot Camp classes are programmed workouts offering a variety of movements and skill development designed daily with an assortment of equipment to keep things FUN!  Most workouts will begin with a warm-up followed by a skill or strength training and then a WOD and conclude with a cool down.  CrossFit workouts will be constantly varied to continually “shock” your body which will improve endurance, increase energy, shed body fat, and gain muscle.

  • 99.00 a month
  • Monday-Friday 9-10am
  • Begins on June 2nd – Enroll anytime, this is an ongoing class.
  • CrossFit without the Olympic Lifting

If after doing the Boot Camp class and you want to switch over to the CrossFit classes, you will be required to do the 4 On Ramp classes prior to entering. This will ensure you are familiar enough with the Olympic lifting moves that you can jump right in. The On Ramp fee is $75 in addition to your monthly membership.