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What is AMIT?

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique or AMIT® which focuses on restoring lost function back to the body.  Our therapeutic aim is the muscular system as it is the primary stabilizing system of the body. If you think about it as we become unstable we lose the ability to function to our fullest and we become susceptible to injury.  For example if you do not have the full use of your inside quadriceps, the vastus medialis, you will experience knee pain, patellar tendinitis, and weakness with movements such as the squat.  Technical issues may be apparent as observed by your coach or partner such as a knee that bows to the inside when you stand from the squat position.  You may even notice a tendency to pronate at the ankle too.  This brings up the concept of compensation.  If you lose the ability of the muscle to fire you will subconsciously compensate to adapt and overcome.  The problem here is the body can compensate only so far until something has to give.  So in the example of the vastus medialis we do not use exercise or targeted movements for therapy of the muscle.  If this is done you could be just strengthening a compensation thus essentially masking the problem further.  Rather we use a hands on approach to immediately activate an inhibited muscle which takes the patient further out of compensation and into full, natural and complete function.

The AMIT® approach is not physical therapy, rehab, deep tissue release, massage or exercise.  We focus on loss of communication between the muscle and the nervous system which we call neuro-proprioceptive inhibition or arthro-genic muscle inhibition.  Weak muscles and inhibited muscles can be two different things, that is why people who rehab or exercise a previously injured body part reach an unacceptable plateau and seem to experience multiple re-injuries to the same body part for unacceptable lengths of time.    In the AMIT® approach we define your specific cause of pain and instability and then treatment is gentle, focused and immediate results are experienced.

This approach is time tested at all levels of human performance from the NBA, NFL, PGA, Olympics and CrossFit down to the weekend warrior.  Results are phenomenal!

This method is featured in:

*The bestselling book the “Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss (www.fourhourbody.com) A.M.I.T.® is ranked as one of the top 5 ways to reverse permanent injury in the world!

*The newly released documentary movie “Doctored” (www.doctoredthemovie.com/)

To quote Tim Ferriss in the “Four Hour Body” “If you want to improve the output you have to improve the input”.


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