Monday 180108

2018 New Year Nutrition Challenge  – Details are in the Blue Hyper link below in case you missed the meeting (Thursday night 4 Jan) at 8pm!!! SIGN UP BY FRIDAY 1/12/18!!
Are you ready to make a change?  Have you decided 2018 is the year to clean up your plate, fuel your WOD’s and be ready for The 2018 CF Open?? If so, sign up for Letrono’s 2018 New Year Nutrition Challenge! Sign up list is on the community board. Cost will be $149, which includes your Inbody before and after testing. 
Any questions ask Troy, Jamie or Angi.
😊2018 New Year Nutrition Challenge   

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..

A. Strength – Clean
EMOM 12 min
1 Squat Clean

Building, not to exceed 80%

16 Min Time Cap
20 Dead Lift Adv: 185/125 Rx: 135/85
4 Rope Climb
15 DL Adv: 225/155 Rx: 185/125
3 Rope Climb
10 DL Adv: 275/175 Rx: 225/155
2 Rope Climb
5 DL Adv: 315/215 Rx: 275/175
1 Rope Climb

C. Above and Beyond:
3-4 X 1500 @2K pace
Rest 3 min between efforts
Perform in a separate session if possible