Thursday 180104

Nutrition Challenge 2018 – Meeting, tonight (Thursday) at 8pm!!!
Are you ready to make a change? Have you decided 2018 is the year to clean up your plate, fuel your WOD’s and be ready for The Open?? If so, sign up for Letrono’s 2018 New Year Nutrition Challenge! Sign up list is on the community board, and a info and Kick Off Meeting will be this Thursday night January 4th at 8:00 p.m. Cost will be $149, which includes your Inbody before and after testing. 
Any questions ask Troy, Jamie or Angi 😊

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..

A. WOD :
“Equals 10”
10 RDS for Time of:
1 50m Sprint + 9 Burpees
2 50m Sprint + 8 Burpees
3 50m Sprint + 7 Burpees
and so on…

RomWOD: 18- 22 Minute  

B. Strongman:

Sled pull 25M
Reverse sled pull 25M
DB KB Complex 3x cleans 2x split snatch 1x kneeling press ea side


8 rds
Assault bike
:10 on :20 off
8rnds :20on :10 off
Tabata DB KB Snatches

C. Striking – 615P Only