Thursday 171207

T-Shirt Order – We are placing an order for a new LCF t-shirt, both short and long sleeve. Sign up sheet is on the community board and order is going in on Monday. We will NOT be ordering a bunch of extra’s so if you want one, you will need to put your name on the order form with your size. These shirts are not part of the BOGO. 

New Athlete Database coming soon to Letrono!! Starting January 1st, we will be using WODIFY instead of Pike 13 for our athlete database. To see what WODIFY is about and what you can expect from WODIFY, watch this demo video. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. WOD:  

15 min AMRAP

250m ROW

50m KB waiter carry Red/Green Green/Purple Purple/Blue (Right 25m Left 25m)

1 Partner works at a time, and does both movements then switches with partner

RomWOD: 18- 22 Minute  



Find heavy 1 rep back squat


1000m-900m-800m-700m-600m-500m-400m-300m-200m-100m Row

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Back Squat @ AHAP

So 1000m Row, 1 x Back Squat, 900m Row, 2 x Back Squat etc.


10 min
Get as many Double KB CL&Jk as possible @ green/blue