Tuesday 112817

Mom’s and dad’s who use the playcare – Please check the Group Me app for updates to playcare. If a playcare attendant will not be able to make it, it will be posted on this app. If you don’t have the group me app or know about it, get with Troy, Jamie or Elyse. Thanks!

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Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

B. WOD:  

Run 5K

Those who can’t complete in 30 min (approx 10 min miles) should consider scaling to 4K.

For those who can’t run, choose your least favorite machine:

Row 6K

Bike 8 miles

Ski 5K


B. Above and Beyond:

B not alternating

B1 snatch, 3 reps, touch and go. No more than 60% today. 5-7 sets

Focus is mechanics, and setting up for the next rep on the descent from the previous rep. Be intentional with your set up.

B2 segmented snatch deadlift, 2-3 reps up to 100%. 4-5 sets

Pause just above ground, top of knee, mid thigh

C rotate for 3-4 sets

C1 double KB front rack walking lunge, 10 reps each leg

C2 10 or so reps, PVC Overhead drill/stretch


C3 5-10 perfect ring swings


C4 max L sit on parallettes


Work to heaviest stone carry for 25M then lighten by 10:15lbs


30 Min AMRAP
Stone carry x 50M
Stone over shoulder x 6 (3 ea side)
Ski erg x 10 cal


4 rds
Double KB Snatch x 5
Double KB  OH walk x 25M
Double KB clean & jerk x 5


Ski erg
30 cal
Rest 1:1
20 cal
Rest 1:1
10 cal
Rest 1:1
20 cal
Rest 1:1
30 cal