Friday 171110

 Reminder – There will not be a 6a class on Saturday!

Saturday Schedule:

7a – Olympic Lifting
7a – WOD
8a — Striking WOD 
8a – Open Gym (Come in and work a goat, strength, etc)

9a –WOD

Sunday Schedule:
9a — WOD

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

AStrength: Clean and Jerk
Work up to a heavy 1 rep max


3RFT, 9 min cap
30 walking lunges
15 Clean and Jerk   95/65, 75/55, 65/35

Cool Down

C. Above and Beyond:

Set up 2 barbells

1 has 75% of your 1RM CJ, the other 75% of your 1RM snatch

Every 30 seconds perform one lift. This week, you will complete all 15 snatches, then all 15 CJ.

Go for 15 min (30 total lifts)

You are only permitted 1 miss in each lift. If you miss twice, drop the weight for today, and take note of when that takes place, how you feel, etc.

May perform any style today, squat is not required.

Take note: how does this feel compared to last week when you alternated? Easier? Harder? More/less fatiguing? Mentally how did you handle them differently?