Wednesday 171018

Starting November 1st, Wednesday, we will have a 6:15p Olympic Lifting class in addition to our 6am Olympic Lifting class on Saturdays! For now this will be an additional class on Wednesday and there will still be a 6:15 WOD class  as well. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Skill: Rope Climbs/Legless Rope Climbs/L-Sit Rope Climbs

B. WOD: 

24 Min AMRAP 

30/20 cal row

30/20 cal bike

30 Deadlift          135/95, 115/75, 95/65

400m Run


C. Above and Beyond:

3-5 sets, rest as needed

60 seconds max rep wall balls

The goal here is developing efficiency in movement to improve your number. Yes, you need to move fast, but do you find you do better with a wider stance? Further from the rig/wall? Play, adjust, learn and improve.

D: 3-5 Sets for quality first, then reps

15/10 cal ski, hard

Max unbroken toe to bar

Similar to last week, and even yesterday. How do the T2B feel different with the interference of the ski machine in addition to the heavy breathing? How does your movement change? Does it make a difference if you bend your knees vs. keeping them straight? Terminate the set if the quality of the movement deteriorates too much.


Smash the heck out of your chest/pecs. 10 min total

Gut smash on a slam ball. 10 min total.