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Jeremy & Brad at Festivus Games

Jeremy & Brad at Festivus Games

Congrats to all of you who went and competed in Festivus Games this last weekend at Roy CrossFit. We had 6 teams from Letrono representing and all did fantastic. Many of them it was their first competition! One of our teams walked away with a FIRST Place WIN…Sheri and Jenn (aka…Two Peas in a WOD or SWOLE SISTERS or BESTIE MODE)!!! For some pictures of the event and all the teams, check out our Facebook Page. The teams consisted of: Jeremy/Brad, Tati/Nicole, Amy/Bailey, Elyse/Christa, Craig/Bama, Jenn/Sheri. 

Starting November 1st, Wednesday, we will have a 6:15p Olympic Lifting class in addition to our 6am Olympic Lifting class on Saturdays! For now this will be an additional class on Wednesday and there will still be a 6:15 WOD class  as well. 

If you and your family is looking for some FREE, FUN Entertainment this UEA Weekend, go check out HELLO! My Baby musical at Layton High School. The star of the play is Matt Page who attends the 630a. If you have ever been in a class with Matt you know how he likes to sing and perform, it should be a great show!!!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Strength: 

Build up to a triple Clean – As heavy as form allows

B. WOD: 

12 RFT, 20 min cap. For those who don’t finish, total rounds and reps.

4 strict pull ups

8 hand release push ups

12 air squats

32 double unders   (Keep the number the same for single unders)          


C. Above and Beyond:

4 rounds:  500m, 60sec rest, 300m, 3min rest

Row Workout Pacing

Current 2000m Row PR Time 500m pace target 300m pace target (per 500m) 300m pace target
06:45.0 01:41.3 01:34.3 00:56.6
06:50.0 01:42.5 01:35.5 00:57.3
06:55.0 01:43.8 01:36.5 00:57.9
07:00.0 01:45.0 01:37.5 00:58.5
07:05.0 01:46.3 01:38.8 00:59.3
07:10.0 01:47.5 01:40.0 01:00.0
07:15.0 01:48.8 01:41.3 01:00.7
07:20.0 01:50.0 01:42.5 01:01.5
07:25.0 01:51.2 01:43.5 01:02.1
07:30.0 01:52.5 01:44.5 01:02.7
07:35.0 01:53.7 01:45.8 01:03.5
07:40.0 01:55.0 01:47.0 01:04.2
07:45.0 01:56.2 01:48.0 01:04.8
07:50.0 01:57.5 01:49.0 01:05.4
07:55.0 01:59.2 01:50.3 01:06.2
08:00.0 02:00.9 01:51.5 01:06.9

D: 3-4 sets, rest as needed

45 seconds

Max squats holding a sandbag in the bear hug. No dropping the bag.

Adjust as needed based on what you learned doing this last week. Do you need to reduce the load? Pace it better? Today’s interval is 15 seconds slower than last week’s. Can you get the same reps, or close?