Monday 171009

Synchronized Burpee's...Lane & Bev

Synchronized Burpee’s…Lane & Bev

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Strength:Every 90 seconds for 15 min (10 sets)

Pause snatch + Snatch

B. WOD: 12 min cap

For time                                                                                                                    

21 Pull Ups        (scale to jumping or banded pull ups)                      

21 Front Squat      (Advanced 185/135  RX 135/95)                                                                                 

15 C2B Pull Up       (scale to jumping or banded, C2B if possible)          

15 Front Squat                                                                                                                    

9 Bar Muscle Ups          (scale 18 dips OR burpee broad jumps)                     

9 Front Squats                         


C. Above and Beyond:

3-5 rounds:  rest as needed between rounds

25 ft OH walking lunge                   95/65

8 bar facing burpees

25 ft OH walking lunge

8 C2B pull up

Round 1, go as fast as you can, note your time. How do you feel? How does your heart rate feel after only one round?

Divide your score from 2016 to determine how long each round took you. Chances are, your first round was far faster than your last round that year. Perform a round at your average pace from 2016. Perform one 5-10% faster. Could you sustain that for 20 min?

D: Alternate for 3-4 sets, rest 1 min between movements

D1: Single arm Ring Row hold, max time.

Hold yourself at the top of a SA Ring Row, keep your hand near the bottom of the ribcage. Start with your off arm, max time, then strong arm, max time. Note the discrepancy, then with each subsequent set, start with your off arm and match the time with your strong arm.

D2: Offset deadlift, 8-10 reps each leg, with a barbell. @3011

Performed as a normal deadlift, but feet are offset so that one is a foot length or so in front of the other.

E: 3-4 sets, rest as needed

60 seconds

Max squats holding a sand-bag in the bear hug. No dropping the bag.