Friday 171006

Saturday Schedule:

6a – Olympic Lifting
7a – WOD
8a — Striking WOD 
8a – Open Gym (Come in and work a goat, strength, etc)

9a –WOD

Sunday Schedule:
9a — WOD

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Strength:
Power Clean – Work up to a Heavy 1RM


Partner workout. 1 partner works while the other rests, then alternate. 

30 power cleans 135/95

30/21 calorie bike        (If ski machines are needed, 20/15 ski)


20 power cleans 135/95

20/14 cal bike               15/10 cal ski


10 power cleans 135/95

10/7 cal bike                 10/7 cal ski

Cool Down

C. Above and Beyond:

C1: Jerk Balance 4 reps, 2 each leg

Every 2 min for 6 min (3 sets)

C2: Split Jerk, 6-8 X 2 @ 60-90%

Go every 2 minutes. Pause for 2 seconds in the receiving position.

D: Rotate for 4 sets each

D1: Alternating DB Bench press, 8-10 reps

D2: Reverse lunge from a plate, DB in the front rack

D3: single arm ring row, max reps

D4: hip extension max rep @ 2012

D5: double KB OH sit up, 12-15 reps