Thursday 170928

Nutrition Challenge Kick off Meeting TONIGHT at 8pm – Who’s ready for a Challenge?!? Here it is, the Letrono 2017 Fall in Love with Nutrition Challenge. If you want to find a healthier lifestyle, make and reach goals, as well as do so in a fun, team oriented environment….Join us! All information and rules are in the PDF link, below. We have a kick off meeting, this Thursday September 28th at 8:00pm at Letrono. Please read the PDF before you come, and bring all questions you may have about the details. Any questions before hand, feel free to ask Troy, Jamie or Angi. Fall 2017 Nutrition Challenge (1)

Happy Birthday to Coach Eric today. Nothing like spending your birthday in another country, but he said receiving the birthday card that many of your wrote on made his day!!! I know that there are also many more of you who also have birthdays today as well, so we wish you all a Happy Birthday Too!!!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. WOD: Team Series Event #5
Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
3 synchronized burpee box jump-overs
3 synchronized deadlifts
6 synchronized burpee box jump-overs
6 synchronized deadlifts
9 synchronized burpee box jump-overs
9 synchronized deadlifts
Etc., adding 3 reps to each exercise every round.

Men – 24″ Box and 225#
Women – 20″ Box and 155#
**Scale down as needed for both box jumps and deadlifts. Ask your coach for help. 

RomWOD: 18- 22 Minute