Wednesday 170927

There is still time to take the LCF Athlete Survey!!  We want to hear from you! You should have received an invite to share feedback with us through Survey Monkey, if  you missed the invite you can click on the link to provide your feedback. Receiving feedback from our athletes is how we get better, please take the time to answer the short survey.

Nutrition Challenge – Who’s ready for a Challenge?!? Here it is, the Letrono 2017 Fall in Love with Nutrition Challenge. If you want to find a healthier lifestyle, make and reach goals, as well as do so in a fun, team oriented environment….Join us! All information and rules are in the PDF link, below. We have a kick off meeting, this Thursday September 28th at 8:00pm at Letrono. Please read the PDF before you come, and bring all questions you may have about the details. Any questions before hand, feel free to ask Troy, Jamie or Angi. Fall 2017 Nutrition Challenge (1)

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..


24 minutes

2 min on, 2 min off, alternating for 3 rounds each

20/15 Cal Row
Max STO  185/135, 155/115, 115/65

15/10 Cal Ski
Max Power Clean   185/135, 155/115, 115/65


B. Above and Beyond:

A: Alternate for 5 sets, 60 sec rest between movements

A1:  Find a heavy set of 5 Turkish get ups, touch and go, 5 with your off arm, unbroken, then strong arm. Play with dumbbell versus kettle bell. While the objective is to go heavy, this should also be rehabilitating. No tweaks here, shoot for stability and mobility with the shoulder.

A2: triple broad jump, for distance  One jump directly into the next, no pause between. Be careful here, only jump as far as you are able to have control of the movement.

B: Alternate for 4 sets

B1: dumbbell power/muscle clean, for weight, 10 reps  Feet need to be more narrow than normal. The objective today is more an arm pump than a clean

B2: Body saw, unweighted, 30 seconds

Really emphasize hollow position

C: Alternate for 3 or 4 sets

C1: deficit pushups on dumbbells, 10-15 reps

C2: goblet duck walk, 50 feet

*notice how his knees and feet track straight as he walks. Do not rotate the knees/legs around while walking, try to walk straight. Foot straight, heel and knee come straight over the toe. Do unloaded if needed, but if you feel good hold a KB upside down in the goblet position.